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Re-enactment Club 
"Preobrazhensky Life Guard regiment"

Welcome to our web-site!
We are enthusiasts who re-create outlook of the first regiment of Russian Imperial Guards during napoleonic period. We do "living history". 
Hopefully you'll find interesting information in sections below

Regimental history  - creation of the regiment in 1683 and it's development till 1918. 
Campaigns and battles  - unit's participation in conflicts throughout it's history
Honours  - regimental battle honours
Uniforms  - uniforms and equipment, 1805-1814 гг. Update from March 28, 2013.
Historical documents  - various historical sources on Russian army of the period.
About us  - who we are and what we do
News from Mar 28, 2013  - our latest events and updates of the site
Photo-gallery  - photo-reports about our events
Links  - thematical web-resources
Contacts  - contact us

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