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Web-resources related to military history and reenactment. We offer exchange links.

www.war.fastbb.ru Russian Forum for 17-19th century military history and reenactors
www.1812.ru Internet project "1812": books, articles, pictures, reenactment etc. - everything related to the Patriotic war of 1812 (aka Napoleon's Campaign in Russia). (in Russian and English)
www.europeanbattlefield.net Czech list of military-historical societies and clubs and index of events.
www.a-n-s.at Austrian Napoleonic Society.
www.1807.pl Siege of Danzig, 1807. Event in Poland.
http://groups.msn.com/ReconstitutionbatailledePLANCENOIT2003 Reconstitution bataille de PLANCENOIT 2003. (in French).
http://home2.pi.be/jiemte/ 8-eme de Ligne, France, 1805. Reenactors from Belgium (in French).
http://members.xoom.virgilio.it/dragonirossi/ Dragoni di Sua Altezza Reale, detti anche Dragoni Rossi. Dragoons, Piemont, 1693. Reenactors from Italy (in Italian and English).
http://www.sgtcoignet.info/ Sgt Coignet - Napoleonic reenactment portal (in French).
http://eger21.boom.ru/index.htm 21-st Jager regiment, Russia, 1812. Reenactors from Kazan and Moscow. (in Russian)
http://www.regiment46.narod.ru 46th Line, France, 1807-1812. Reenactors from St.Petersburg, Petrozavodsk and Smolensk. (in Russian and in English)
http://division.by.ru/ Military-Historical Club "The Division": 46th Line and 4th Hussars, France, 1807-1812. Reenactors and wargamers from Petrozavodsk, Russia. (in Russian and in English)
http://home.arcor.de/leib-infanterie/index.html Leib-Infanterie-Regiment, Prussia, 1813. (in German).
http://www.freiwillige-jaeger.purespace.de Freiwillige Jager im Leib-Infanterie-Regiment (Prussia, 1813). Reenactors from Germany. (in German)
http://www.novy-jicin.cz/sdruzeni/kvhnj/index.htm 20th Infantry Regiment (Austria, 1805). Re-enactors from Czechia. (in Czech and in English)
http://www.rgt3suis.citeweb.net 3-eme regiment Suisse (France, 1806). Re-enactors from Switzerland. (in French)
http://users.iol.it/bat.gs/ 44th Infantry Regiment and Pioneers (Austria). Reenactors from Italy. (in Italain and in English)

The 15th, King's, Light Dragoons (Gr.Britain, 1808-1815). Re-enactors from UK (site in English).

http://www.3rdcuirassiers.org 3eme Regiment de Cuirassiers (France). Re-enactors from USA. (in English)
http://home.no.net/lahen/velkommen.htm Elverum Company of Skiborn Troops (Norway, 1807-1814). Danish-Norwegian light infantry. (in Norwegian and in English).
http://home.swipnet.se/~w-74669/nwc/ Nerike Wermlands Caroliner (Sweden, 1700-1721). Swedish reenactors of Great Northern War. (in Swedish).
http://www.grenadierbataillon-von-spiegel.de Grenadierbataillon von Spiegel/ Banner der freiwilligen Sachsen (Saxony, 1810-15), Re-enactors from Germany/Saxony. (in German)
http://www.reenactorsworldplus.com Reenacting various periods. (in English)
http://www.militaryheritage.com/home.htm Napoleonic military history and reenactment in North America (in English)
http://www.genstab.ru/ "General Staff": military history, reenactment, wargames. (in Russian)
http://www.napoleonicwars.com One of the most comprehensive sites on Napoleonics. Napoleonic Discussion Forum. (in English)
http://uniform-evolution.napoleonicwars.com Uniforms of different countries during Napoleonic wars. (in English)
http://www.histofig.com/empire/uniformes/ Uniforms of different countries during the First Empire (in English and French)
http://www.sineus.spb.ru Lead miniatures by "Sineus" and Club of Fans of Military-Historical Miniatures in St.Petersburg (in Russian).
http://www.napoleonseries.org Vast collection of materials on Napoleonics. Napoleonic Discussion Forum. (in English)
http://freeweb.pdq.net/jolsz Russian army presented for wargamers. Well grounded, well illustrated basic info. Wargamer's polls. (in English)
http://zinnfiguren.euro.ru Authors of flat miniatures from St-Petersburg, Russia. (in Russian and English)
http://www.napflags.co.uk Flags and standarts of different countries during Napoleonic wars. (in English)
http://www.soldierandwar.com Miniature Wargaming and Re-enactment magazine.(in English)
http://www.hstmil1805-14.com Napoleonic history and re-enactments in the Peninsula.(in Spanish)



Regimental history - Campaigns and battles - Honours - Uniforms
 About us - News - Photo-gallery - Links - Contacts - Historical documents

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